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It all began on the Bowery . . .

The story of Marsal is a story of the American dream. Son of an Italian immigrant, Sal Ferrara began engineering equipment for restaurants in his small shop on the Bowery, in the heart of Manhattan. Before long, he was joined by his three sons and their factory was moved to Long Island. Forty years later, Marsal is the go-to name for quality, innovative pizza ovens and equipment.

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Beauty & Power.

Choose the model that is right for you. With all our ovens you will find Marsal's signature beauty through industrial design that make your ovens the centerpiece of your restaurant. Moreover, you'll get the performance of innovative Marsal engineering. All our ovens are designed to maximize power, spread heat evenly throughout the baking chamber, and provide you with the crispiest, most delicious bake for your product.

The exclusive left-to-right burner design, two-inch thick brick, and signature industrial style is what separates Marsal from those other deck oven companies. Take a moment to see how Marsal is innovating the way pizza is made.

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No need to rotate pies. Ever again.

We don't only make pizza ovens. Before you get that perfect bake, prepare your product on Marsal's contemporary refrigerated prep tables that will increase efficiency and ease of use for you and your employees. You can choose between our Classic model and our raised-rail, ergonomic design Supreme model.





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Don't take our word for it . . .

For twelve years, we had run with Bakers Pride. The difference today is unbelievable. We no longer have to turn and rotate all our pies. The pies actually cook faster and have a beautiful golden brown crust. We no longer have any down time waiting for the stones to catch up with heat.

All I can say is, if you are a pizzeria looking for ovens, these are the ovens you're looking for.

Matty & the Crew
Bronx Pizza - San Diego, CA
Customer Testimonials

I'm a born and bred Long Islander, and I now own a pizzeria in Las Vegas. Your company's oven is one of the reasons I can so perfectly match the NY style of pizza making. It's quality is unsurpassed, and I will continue to use your brand as long as there is life in my pizza-sauce filled veins! Thanks again, and have a great day!

Vincent Disanza Familia Pizzeria - Las Vegas, NV
Customer Testimonials

Just wanted to give you a progress report on your ovens...They Are GREAT!

Really appreciate all the extra effort you put in and please pass along a thank you to the rest of the crew for making such a great oven. We will be scaling up operations soon...definitely will put them in our next location.

Thomas Jones Yeasty Beasty
Customer Testimonials

These are the best ovens I have ever created pies on in 15 years. . . Just to let you guys know, we just did 50, 18 inch pies in 45 minutes. We do approximately 300 pies between 11:00 am to 1:30 pm, in the top oven alone. Very fast recovery rate. Door control is everything for us. Keeps the heat in. . . .

We are proud of your product. Bottom Line. Kicks Ass.

Louie G. Louis G's Pizzeria - Fife, WA
Customer Testimonials

I still LOVE the ovens and so do all the customers. I love working the ovens & watching their mouths drop when they walk in the door for the first time. The building was designed around the ovens and they are the first thing you see when you walk in the door. I still say WOW every time I come in. This has been my dream for many years and it's awesome to finally see it come true. A lot of customers say the new ovens make the pizza even better. Our sales are up over 50% from before we moved and football season hasn't started yet.

LeAnnSteffey's Pizza, Lavaca, AK
Customer Testimonials

Our Margarita pizza is cooked to perfection because the MB 60 does a wonderful job of cooking the pizza from the top as well as the bottom. I couldn't be any happier with the performance of the ovens, they are very fast and I can't beat them because I can't make six 18 inch pizza's in 7 minutes. A few month's ago I made 42 pizzas in one hour and fifteen minutes with just the top oven, and a temperature of 625.

Thanks again for making such a great product.

Joe CalderoneJoe Daddy's Pizza, Cape Coral, FL
Customer Testimonials

Now I can actually say your advertisements don't lie & your ovens do what they say they would do: "No Down Time - No Need to Rotate Pies - Faster Cooking Times & Better Tasting Crispier Crusts". There's only one word that pretty much sums it up for me: "AWESOME". And the ovens are really OUTSTANDING PERFORMERS which is a big deal to me, my investment and my business.

Vincent CaltagironeGolden Crust Pizza, Red Lion, PA
Customer Testimonials

We had a great season here in New England, just a shame it had to end so soon! This was our first season at Gillette, and quite a successful one for Tavolino. Having had experience with the Marsal ovens, we knew we would be able to count on them when it mattered. Our busiest days have meant these ovens have had to turn out 500 pies or more. The consistency and even cooking they provided made all the difference when, at times, other variables had us challenged.

Matt KennedyTavolino, Foxboro, MA
Customer Testimonials

What unbelievable ovens we now have in place of those Bakers Prides. Our customers couldn't imagine the products possibly being better with just changing to your ovens. They now see and taste the difference. My ovens finally keep up with my demand. I have customers ordering our Grandma Pizza two weeks in advance so they will not be shut out on any certain day.

Thanks for the best ovens that exist!

Rich RosenCarmine Celery's, Palm Coast, FL

Join these franchises and the many more independent restaurants that love their Marsal ovens.

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